Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hi-Tech Turf damaging to the environment?

No not at all as it requires no water, no pesticides, no fertilisers or the use of energy or fuel to maintain it. With the way the climate is changing having the perfect lawn without the use of water is a great benefit. Also with the fibres still being so lush and dense insects can still happily live in between them without coming into contact with mower blades.

Does Hi-Tech Turf require any maintenance?

For the products that require an in-fill to hold up the fibres a light brushing is required from time to time to stop the in-fill from settling. The products with no in-fill will require minimal maintenance to remove leaves or debris to prevent any kind of moss build up. Moss can also be prevented with a treatment once or twice a year. A light, regular brush will also prevent any weed seed settling on top of the surface.

Can weeds penetrate the grass?

All our installations begin with a thick weed control membrane, this layer acts as a barrier to prevent weeds growing up through the surface. Over hanging trees or birds can sometimes lead to weed seed being dropped on the surface. If this happens the weeds can be easily pulled up before they have time to root and a weed control spray applied to the area. Regular maintenance with a stiff brush will also prevent this from occurring

Is Hi-Tech Turf suitable for poorly drained areas?

Yes the grass has a holed latex backing which we would lay over a stone hard core base allowing the base to be firm and the water to drain away.

How do I take the first step to creating the perfect lawn?

Simply e-mail or call our friendly professional team today and we will be happy to guide you to your great new way of modern living and having the lawn you have always dreamed of.

Is Hi-Tech Turf as realistic as the real thing?

Yes, with the new polyethylene fibre surfaces available to purchase with different pile heights and colours, it's difficult to distinguish between our products and the real thing.

Where can Hi-Tech Turf be installed?

Hi-Tech Turf can be installed in a variety of places where natural grass is desired to grow, such as problem shaded areas where natural growth is difficult to those really difficult to maintain areas where mowing may be a hassle. Some examples are: domestic lawns, garden golf greens, office building lawns, show homes, children's nurseries, shops, hotels, exhibitions & decoration, swimming pools, roof terraces, verges & much more

Can I install Hi-Tech Turf myself?

Yes, we provide a full step by step installation guide and can supply you with all the help and materials necessary for you to install your very own hi-tech turf lawn.

Does Hi-Tech Turf lose it's colour?

No, Hi-Tech Turf is manufactured using the finest polyethylene fibres which have been UV tested against colour fade for up to 15 years, other products on the market have been known to turn a blue/grey colour after a few years out in the sun.

Is Hi-Tech Turf guaranteed?

The surfaces are UV guaranteed for between 5 and 15 years depending on the turf installed.